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Do we lie to UK pollsters? Results show it varies by topic (and age) London, UK - A third of people in the UK will not give truthful answers about themselves when asked questions by pollsters, according to a new survey from ORB International. However, in terms of political beliefs and buying habits, honesty is considered the best policy by most. read more

Sunday Telegraph National Opinion Poll Download UK poll results from July 2014 Poll read more

Three in Five Syrians Support International Military Involvement One month on from Bashar al-Assad winning re-election with a widely reported 90% of the vote, a new survey from ORB International reveals that just one in three Syrians (35%) believe that the President and his regime best represent the interests and aspirations of the Syrian people. read more

Conducting Research in Al Sham The Syrian uprising has now entered its fourth year and resolution remains a far-fetched ambition. This conflict presents unique complexities that not only have never been seen in previous wars, but also remain unique to the political and religious significance of Syria within the Middle East. Not only have the political agendas of neighbouring and Western countries shaped the dichotomy of the Syrian conflict, with the influx of foreign fighters both in numbers and countries of origin; the degree of fragmentation amongst opposition groups and the rallying influence of social media will all leave an unpredictable mark on the Syrian people for generations to come. read more

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