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UK Attitudes Towards Nuclear Trident and Brexit - Independent January 2016 Regarding possible Brexit, the headline figure from last month is unchanged – so 52% stay and 48% leave. read more

How do opinions compare here with those in Europe towards EU exit? New research from ORB International has found that the UK is the only EU country of the 14 polled where a majority want to leave the Unions. The study is conducted by ORB and their international partners within the WIN/Gallup International network. read more

ORB and WIN/Gallup International launch the World Leader Index. How do ten world leaders compare across 65 countries? Two Global Leaders with Very Different Global Perceptions New research from WIN/Gallup International shows that when it comes to global leaders there are two leaders who have significantly higher recognition than others. President Obama is significantly more admired around the world than anyone else, while President Putin divides opinion read more

Brexit poll for The Independent - Saturday 19th December British attitudes towards leaving the EU remain too close to call - but there is clear light in which leader we trust more with our national security read more

ORB study across 14 countries in Europe reveals refugees are considered a European problem few of us want New research from ORB International in conjunction with WIN/Gallup International has found that a majority of those across Europe think the Continent should be doing more to help but on an individual country level, most chose to ignore the problem read more

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